Written between the Lines

When you read the Bible, do you read IT or does IT read you?

I understand if you see this as a cryptic question, however, please think about it.


I believe I received this revelation when discussing the way reading the Bible is different from all other reading. In this discussion I made the statement, "I don't read the Bible it reads me". As life passes I now believe it's true of most reading. This is definitely true when reading the scriptures. 

When I say, IT reads you, I believe the words on the page speak to us in a deeper holistic way and therefore the reflections and questions we ask ourselves have a much more defined significance.

I believe we engage with the written words and can relate to them as they speak directly to us. This can only happen if you are concentrating and not preoccupied with other thoughts.

These written words enable our thoughts to either imagine we are one of the characters in the words or observe them from the grandstand.


Hey there! I'm Lloyd Portman

 I have been writing poetry for 35 years, it's my daily habit. Subjects to write about are everywhere, therefore poetry flows from the pen of my heart as I articulate the various moods and vagaries of these subjects. 

I am aware of the fragility and sensitivity of the heart as I often compare the heart with a sea anemone. The seasons of our hearts affect the different views we read and how we receive these messages. As a Poet, I endeavor to capture the moods and atmosphere of my subjects and you read the results.

When reading scripture the question is, what is this saying to me? We may have a problem with our low self-worth and be thinking "I will never be good enough" so when reading scripture you could unwittingly be always looking for something to be addressed, rather than a word of encouragement. Have you ever thought about the Bible as God's love letter to you? Let's look at a real example.

Imagine the first time you read this verse, after reading about the sins of God's people, and you found this beautiful scripture in the midst. Let's receive the message as one written for us personally. Can you imagine God rejoicing over you with gladness and singing?

Zephaniah 3:17 NKJV

The Lord your God in your midst, The Mighty One, will save; He will rejoice over you with gladness, He will quiet you with His love, He will rejoice over you with singing.”

Romans 8:39 Passion Translation 

There is no power above us or beneath us—no power that could ever be found in the universe that can distance us from God’s passionate love, which is lavished upon us through our Lord Jesus, the Anointed One!

Will you let the words on the Page READ YOU?

God declares to us the truth about His love for us in this well known verse Jn 3:16 "God so LOVED THE WORLD ……" God's love is real and tangible and is always there waiting to manifest itself to us.

Often we skip through a paragraph and because our thoughts are somewhere else, and not concentrating on what we are reading, we therefore miss some of the vital details of what we read. 

I believe if we read with an intention to hear our responses to anything we read, the message will become more meaningful. 

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The actual words are Written Between The Lines!



Simon Kramer

New Zealand Artist

Lloyd Portman is a relentless encourager who has developed a unique ability to write poetry that can connect with people in a profound way. He has always been a person who wants to see what is going on behind the obvious. And is focused on helping people up. Lloyd has been involved in many businesses over the years, ranging from forestry through farming, building, and retail. And now works on the internet developing products that improve people's relationships and bring richness to their lives.


David Lee Martin.

Author & Poet (indieauthor.com)

"I have always been a lover of poetry - from the classics to the quirky, the Psalms to modern lyrics. The way that poetry demands words to be boiled down to their essentials always fascinates me. Just a few lines, a single word, can say more than several paragraphs. So, when I turned 44, and totally out of the blue, Lloyd Portman sent me a personal poem he had written for me, I was amazed. His small poem was packed with a big punch and genuinely touched and inspired me (it still does today every time I read it). Lloyd has an incredible ability to challenge, inspire, question, and express things that reach deep on the inside of his readers. I can think of no one better to connect with than Lloyd Portman!”


Michelle Alicea


Her Link

 Lloyd’s unique spiritual gift of prophetic poetry is at first shocking! So be warned before you get a Lloyd poem. When gifted with mine it took me a minute to process someone was able to see me so clearly. Many times, I’ve wished someone could really understand me. And, other times, I’d wished I could even understand myself. Lloyd’s “Inside Me” poem did both for me. He’s able to tap into a person’s spiritual essence and bring out what the Holy Spirit is quietly and slowly revealing to them. This is definitely Lloyd’s spiritual gift. I keep my Lloyd poem close to me all the time. When I get a little confused, I pull it out to read.