Sean Mize 


Your poetry has blessed me beyond measure over the years. ​You seem to know the perfect words to send at the perfect time. So many of the poems felt inspired when they reached me, and they touched me right where I needed it.

I believe God has uniquely blessed the words in your hand and your pen, and I thank God to have made your acquaintance and to have been able to be blessed not just by your poetry, but also by your care and friendship.


Sean Mize


Simon Kramer

New Zealand Artist

Lloyd Portman is a relentless encourager who has developed a unique ability to write poetry that can connect with people in a profound way. He has always been a person who wants to see what is going on behind the obvious. And is focused on helping people up. Lloyd has been involved in many businesses over the years, ranging from forestry through farming, building, and retail. And now works on the internet developing products that improve people's relationships and bring richness to their lives.


Yvonne Jones

Yvonne A. Jones, Relationship Marketing Strategist

The ability to take something inanimate, or take an idea and give it a personality that individuals from different walks of life can appreciate in different ways is an amazing gift.

This is what Lloyd Portman does with his poetry. I try to imagine what goes on in Lloyd’s brain and it’s beyond me. He’s able to transform a statement or even an event by creating beautiful, poetic language so it takes on a life of its own and brings new meaning to readers.  

Thank you, Lloyd, for using poetry to bring things to life.


David Lee Martin.

Author & Poet (indieauthor.com)

"I have always been a lover of poetry - from the classics to the quirky, the Psalms to modern lyrics. The way that poetry demands words to be boiled down to their essentials always fascinates me. Just a few lines, a single word, can say more than several paragraphs. So, when I turned 44, and totally out of the blue, Lloyd Portman sent me a personal poem he had written for me, I was amazed. His small poem was packed with a big punch and genuinely touched and inspired me (it still does today every time I read it). Lloyd has an incredible ability to challenge, inspire, question, and express things that reach deep on the inside of his readers. I can think of no one better to connect with than Lloyd Portman!”


Pam Maldonado

Internet Marketer

I don't know where Lloyd gets this crazy insight/perception when writing his poetry ... well I DO KNOW WHERE he gets it, but the connection that is there, between the poetry, the Holy Spirit, and the person is like none other I have experienced! The way his poetry speaks messages from God to you without Lloyd even knowing it is actually speaking to you!!! Anyone has to try it to really "experience" this POWERFUL connection between Lloyd's words in his poetry, the speaking of the Holy Spirit, and the individual receiving the poetry. It truly is a language spoken by the heart of all involved! Words can not do justice to the description or the depth of this gift. You just have to try it and experience it yourself. Expect goosebumps!


Shonda Czeschin Fischer



Poems by Lloyd Portman

I love reading Lloyd’s poems! Each poem speaks to me, I feel as if it’s a personal message from God. The poems restores me and lifts me up, I get encouraged from each one. The poems are beautiful and flow so nicely with words of wisdom. A balm to a weary soul, words that uplift and bring healing. Lloyd has an ordained gift that reaches in to the heart of everyone who reads his words. Beautiful, soul quenching poems that you want to soak up and ponder them throughout the day. Teaching, guiding and leaving you with contentment for the very special gift he shared with you.

Author Shonda Czeschin Fischer


Dr Melissa Tranquille


I have been exposed to Lloyd’s writing on various topics, from romantic poetry to spirituality to personal development.  Lloyd has a unique approach and all of his writings make a deep heart to heart connection. What I find unique about his writings, is that he not only produces such a thoughtful poem, but a purposeful reflection and questions follows each poem.  These questions help the reader to engage in deep reflection, which then results in further spiritual or personal development.   I have found that both the poems and the reflection questions that follow, always presents the topic from a completely different perspective. I definitely encourage anyone who is interested in their own personal growth and development to take the time to read and ponder upon Lloyd’s writing.