Hi, my name is Lloyd Portman and I have been writing poetry for more than 35 years. It's now my daily habit. Subjects I write about are everywhere, therefore poetry flows from the pen of my heart as I articulate the various moods and vagaries of my subjects. 

I am aware of the fragility and sensitivity of the heart and I often compare the heart with a sea anemone. The seasons of our heart affect the different views of how we read and receive messages. As I craft my poetry, I endeavor to capture the moods and atmosphere of my subjects for the reader to appreciate.


Depending on the emotional state of the receiver, deciphering the message may be encouraging. If you are needing some encouragement, the poem may have precisely the message you are looking for. 

I have an understanding about the emotional tides we all work around and no matter if the tide is in or out, it never stands still. There's no doubt, we all enjoy being encouraged and inspired, as these are basic human requirements, like food and water! Because poetry connects with our emotions, we need to read it with our heart.

The psychological definitions of our various emotional states are well documented. We are high or low and everything in between, it's that simple!

I started coaching people how to write poetry many years ago. I had some fun teaching tradespeople on building sites and in the mines in Western Australia.

When writing my Christian Poetry, the main purpose is to identify the subjects. I add the reflection and questions to articulate the meaning and engage the audience. 

No matter what your poetry flavor or need is, I believe the modern style can be more impactful and fits the modern lifestyle better. It differs from how it was written in previous centuries. All have their place. 

One constraint I had to work through was my mindset, regarding what was the accepted poetry writing standard, either rhyme or prose. I have written with the prose style because I prefer my poetry to be short and punchy. 

In the beginning, I wrote rhyming poetry as I thought this is how poetry was written! It never felt comfortable and after battling with myself for some years, I changed my style. That's a story for some other time.