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When Lloyd contacted me through a group we were mutually a part of and told me the Lord had given him a poem for me and then asked if he could send it to me, I was skeptical, to say the least. Still, I gave him permission to send it along. When the poem arrived in my email that evening, and I read it, I was stunned. In fact, I cried. That very morning, I'd had a conversation with the Lord where I asked Him some intense questions, questions I really needed answers to.
Lloyd's poem answered every single question, in full, in a way that melted any defenses I had and penetrated right to my heart. Since then, Lloyd has written a few other pieces of prophetic poetry for me, each one so pertinent to what I'm thinking in my heart it astounds me. Now, I have commissioned him to write poetry as a gift for a few friends, and they have been so accurate, my friends have been blown away. And all from a first name and a photo--only. Thank you Lloyd for sharing your gift with me and with the world!

Michelle Alicea - Her Site
Lloyd’s unique spiritual gift of prophetic poetry is at first shocking! So be warned before you get a Lloyd poem. When gifted with mine, it took me a minute to process how someone could see me so clearly. Many times, I’ve wished someone could really understand me. And, other times, I’d wished I could even understand myself. Lloyd’s “Inside Me” poem did both for me. He’s able to tap into a person’s spiritual essence and bring out what the Holy Spirit is quietly and slowly revealing to them. This is definitely Lloyd’s spiritual gift. I keep my Lloyd poem close to me all the time.  When I get a little confused, I pull it out to read.

I have been exposed to Lloyd’s writing on various topics, from romantic poetry to spirituality to personal development. Lloyd has a unique approach and all of his writings make a deep heart to heart connection. What I find unique about his writings, is that he not only produces such a thoughtful poem, but each poem is followed by a purposeful reflection and questions. These questions help the reader engage in deep reflection, which then results in further spiritual or personal development. I have found that both the poems and the reflection questions that follow, always presents the topic from a completely unique perspective. I definitely encourage anyone who is interested in their own personal growth and development to take the time to read and ponder on Lloyd’s writing.

 David Lee Martin -Author & Poet (Christian Creative.Academy)
"I have always been a lover of poetry - from the classics to the quirky, the Psalms to modern lyrics. The way that poetry demands words to be boiled down to their essentials always fascinates me. Just a few lines, a single word, can say more than several paragraphs. So, when I turned 44, and totally out of the blue, Lloyd Portman sent me a personal poem he had written for me, I was amazed. His small poem was packed with a big punch and genuinely touched and inspired me (it still does today every time I read it). Lloyd has an incredible ability to challenge, inspire, question, and express things that reach deep on the inside of his readers. I can think of no one better to connect with than Lloyd Portman!” David Lee Martin, 

Simon Kramer (SimonKramerFineArt.com)
I continuously find myself surprised when I read Lloyd's poems and their reflections. There is often an unexpected depth to the work which makes me wonder how he pieced it all together. Lloyd is a personal friend and we often sit and talk over coffee. We discuss many of life's twists and turns, the political leadership of our country and, of course, intimacy with God.
Regardless of our friendship, Lloyd has always got a nugget of encouragement for me or from God's word. Lloyd's poetry is uniquely packaged in a way that makes me want to stop and listen for a while. I often find a quiet place and treat the poem as an opportunity to hear if God has highlighted something in it for me.
The one liners that stick encourage me to investigate further. Either in the scripture or in prayer or sometimes I look up a word I haven't heard before that springboards my thinking. Thanks for all of your work Lloyd, my life is richer because of it.

Sean Mise Awesome Coach
Lloyd, the poetry that you have written for me hits home time and time again! It's amazing how many times it's EXACTLY what I need in that moment! Your poetry speaks deeply to me, and affirms and encourages me in my struggles and my journey. You seem to know the perfect words to send at the perfect time. So many of the poems felt inspired when they reached me, and they touched me right where I needed it.
I believe God has uniquely blessed the words in your hand and your pen. Thank you so much for who you are!

Pam Maldonado
I don't know where Lloyd gets this crazy insight/perception when writing his poetry ... well I DO KNOW WHERE he gets it, but the connection that is there, between the poetry, the Holy Spirit and the person is like none other that I have experienced! The way his poetry speaks messages from God to you without Lloyd even knowing it, is actually speaking to you!!!
Anyone has to give it a try to really "experience" this POWERFUL connection between Lloyd's words in his poetry, the speaking of the Holy Spirit and the individual receiving the poetry. It truly is a language spoken by the heart of all involved! Words can not do justice to the description or the depth of this gift. You just have to give it a try and experience it yourself. Expect goose bumps!  

Yvonne A Jones - Relationship Marketing Strategist https://50andWiserCoaching.com
The ability to take something innate, or take an idea and give it a personality that individuals from different walks of life can appreciate in different ways, is an amazing gift. This is what Lloyd Portman does with his poetry. I try to imagine what goes on in Lloyd’s brain and it’s beyond me. He’s able to transform a statement or even an event by creating beautiful, poetic language, so it takes on a life of its own and brings new meaning to readers. Thank you, Lloyd, for using poetry to bring things to life. 

Shonda Czeschin Fischer
I love reading Lloyd’s poems! Each poem speaks to me. I feel as if it’s a personal message from God. The poems restores me and lifts me up; I get encouraged from each one. The poems are beautiful and flow so nicely with words of wisdom. A balm to a weary soul, words that uplift and bring healing.
Lloyd has an ordained gift that reaches into the heart of everyone who reads his words. Beautiful, soul quenching poems you want to soak up and ponder them throughout the day. Teaching, guiding and leaving you with contentment for the very special gift he shared with you. 

Kelly Falardeau SpeakersCanada.com
I typically don't enjoy poetry because I don't always understand their meaning, but not Lloyd's. His poems are the most heartfelt, loving, caring poems I have ever read. I've received a few of his poems and every time they bring me to tears as I realize how much they touch my heart. Thank you, Lloyd, for being such an amazing poet. 

Bob Thibodeau
Pastor / Founder of Podcasters For Christ
I cannot begin to express how intuitive and Spirit led Lloyd Portman is when it comes to writing Spirit led poetry for others.
He recently wrote me a poem that dived right into what is my biggest obstacle - ME! His poem was touching on subjects that I had been praying about (and which he had no direct knowledge of). The Holy Spirit used Lloyd to let me know the “future was in His hands” and that I was not to “give into fear and insecurity” as it led to these things!

These Comments have been collected from a survey conducted with some of my students and others I have worked with over the years. They were asked the questions, a - The skills I have as a coach and b - How they perceive my abilities.

Melissa T - As a coach, Lloyd is a keen listener and his counsel is always right on point. I am moved by his passion for writing and reaching people’s hearts through his writing. He is also very adept in communication and can help anyone to transcend their relationship, so they can have more meaningful relations with the ones that they love. I highly recommend Lloyd’s writings and his coaching for anyone who is looking for that heart to heart connection from a coach who is genuine, approachable and highly competent.

Paul R - Lloyd is not a great counselor because he has not made any mistakes, but because he has made the same mistakes common to all men.  The difference with Lloyd is that he has found a way to deal with the issues of life, and a deep and abiding understanding, by viewing them through the prism of his Christianity.

He is one of the less condemning, and more encouraging characters I have met, a cool head in a crisis, a wise head in a storm, and an encouraging voice of reason when reason is at a premium. His poetry, so often timely and poignant, drawing energy from experience and a God-given gift. I believe the trust and understanding that Lloyd has brought to our friendship is available to all lucky enough to cross his path.

Dave - Has the wisdom & insight to see, & help others see what they can't see.

Phil S - You are an encourager, and genuinely interested in other people's wellbeing and success. Many people approach relationships as a means to their own ends - essentially self-serving. You have a different way - because you care and you show it through words and actions.

Peter - Wisdom to analyze a situation, Clear communication, Compassion for others.

Donna - You are always optimistic, and incredibly positive.

Geoff - Your number 1 skill is being a people person - your ability to meet, engage, relate, empathize and communicate with people. Perception is the thing you can do easily when others find it hard.

Mary (My Proofreader) - Lloyd has an innate and acute awareness of human nature:- He picks up on emotional stress and is able to understand and articulate the worries/concerns of others who don't have the skills to express themselves properly. He is able, through his poems, to zero in on a state of mind or a train of thought and clears away the cobwebs so the reader can see the straight path ahead. He is a very good listener - a rare talent. 

Simon M - The ability to interact with strangers in a way that creates a connection in the moment, with the potential for a relationship of a lifetime: in a way that leaves the individual with a greater sense of being.

 Phil Sharplin - I met Lloyd in early August 2018. I was recently separated and we formed a relationship over the course of a couple of days, as I constructed a new fence for him. As I shared my situation with him, I was impressed at the lack of well-meaning advice, constructive criticism or empty platitudes. But instead found a person who listened and had empathy for the total train wreck of my life. Someone who always had an ear to listen. The first piece of gold that he provided for me was “ that I was in a process and everyone’s process is different.'' There was no magic pill or plan that worked for all. unlike anything else, I had ever heard. He let me find my personal way through all my own self-doubt, mistakes and revaluations of the motivating negativity which directed every decision and response I had made.

The things that ultimately led me to the point of total wretchedness (that was in my head). Not knowing what was right or wrong and not being able to make any decision because of the conflicting arguments. He supported me through my acknowledgment of all I’d done wrong, provided insight as I strived for the reason for my actions. And encouraged me when I started to accept myself for who I was. All without that "well-meaning advice, constructive criticism or empty platitudes". Helping me get to a point of not only liking but loving the person in the mirror. 

Throughout my whole process of healing, Lloyd seemed to have an in-depth understanding of not only male but also female perceptions and expectations of relationships. I am so thankful for the input Lloyd has had in my learning about myself as I not only gained an understanding of perceived good or bad but in me coming into a mind of total positivity. Realizing that in all situations, there is good for me. Thank you, Lloyd and I hope that you continue to make positive input into many other's journeys of healing.