Hello. My name is Lloyd Portman and I have been writing poetry for over 35 years. This journey began following an exciting encounter I experienced with God. The church I was pastoring owned the local Christian bookstore which served the community's spiritual needs. 5 volunteer workers managed the shop on a weekly rotation. I was choosing gifts for them prior to Christmas that year and as I was about to purchase them God spoke to me. He said; "Put the gifts back on the shelves, take 5 blank cards and give them something from the pastor's desk!"

I was very excited at the time understanding God wanted to speak to each of these faithful volunteers. What evolved was God spoke to each of them through a prophetic poem I wrote which God then fulfilled over the next 12 months. Since then writing poetry has become my daily connection with God. 

When writing my Christian Poetry, the main purpose is to define the revelation I receive. I add a reflection and questions to articulate and enhance the meaning to engage the audience. 

No matter what your poetry flavor or need is, I believe the modern style of prose can be more impactful and fits the current reading habits. It is in contrast to how it was written for former generations, however all have their place. 

One constraint I had to work through was my own mindset, regarding what was the accepted poetry writing standard. Is it either rhyme or prose? I choose to write using the prose style because I prefer my poetry to be short and punchy.
We are God's poetry which I quote from Ephesians 2:10 from the Passion Translation.

As I write these poems, my heart is that these words and themes will resonate with you and bless you. I am sure you can meditate on the revelation that we have become God's poetry and enjoy the inspiration which it releases in you. 

God bless you.